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Sep 2017
She was single for ages,
Friends taunted her by different sages.
She prefers to be alone,
As to answer there could be none.
All she loves is animal,
Forgetting she too is a mammal.
She longs for something,
Which none can think of providing?
She is a self question-mare,
As well a self-answer.

She just thinks,
As her thoughts sink,
Providing several hyperlinks,
Which vanishes by mighty winks,
While her itchy nose turns into pink,
Whilst simply imagine a sip of tea to drink.

She owned a magic wand,
The once living wand,
At every need, proved to be a wand,
That was her treasure to be known by wand,
Not sure has she lost her wand
Trusts she has not lost her wand.

She was not single for ages
As she had her MAGIC wand
She was then given
Given a wand later
She wanted to accept
Situations held her back
The wand thought to wait
She aided the wand not to wait
Her wand preferred to wait.

Old is gold
Coals become diamonds
Undug Gems may be dug later
She should seek for
Wand to be a wand or magic wand.

Dated: 3.1.2016
Written by
Sasevardhni  25/F/Singapore
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