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Sep 2017
Forgive you, for the pain you caused. Forget all of the words to my brother’s ex girlfriend’s favorite song. Be patient. Appreciate the separation of a family, because there is beauty in the broken. Accept that I am not always right (I am not always right). Stop getting angry at people for the way that they are. Memorize ALL of my basic multiplication facts (sorry Dad). Remember the way I feel on a warm, fall day before it slips away, so that I can take it with me anywhere. Be calm (when necessary). Stop letting the actions of others dictate my own. Join a book club, and read all of the books. Write consistently, every day, in a journal, until it is full of myself. Stop being afraid of the emotion that lives inside of me. Let my nightmares go, focus on my dreams. Become a doctor and save some lives. Talk to my dad more, I know he misses me. Give up my tootsie-pop addiction. Forgive my brother for his addiction, and let go of the hurt he has brought. Assume that everyone is good until they prove not.  Memorize the way my mom speaks softly to my friends. Do not let my fish die. Run from the constraints and do not turn around. Share my favorite songs with the world. Laugh when I do not want to. Never forget where home is, no matter how far I go.
Written by
Rhianna Powell
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