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Oct 2017
For Everything
And for nothing
I struggle for peace
We all do
Die each day
In the march for peace

It's nothing but disaster,
Stress and chaos outside
I tend to remain quiet
In this distress, I remain quiet
At least I try to stay calm
Causing no trouble, no harm

I struggle to stay at peace
But know what,
Peace doesn't exist
No, it doesn't exist in struggle
It resides within us
Within our arteries and veins
Within our heart and soul
Just within us, it does

I can't say or explain
It's something distinct
Something insane
We find it as a medicine
For our soul,
to be bathed in sane
The more we crave
For it, we all do
But the ones who achieve,
Do not crave at all

It exists in the prayers
In loneliness and isolation
It's a sensation
Buried inside us
An emotion,
Deep nor shallow
Wanting to crawl out
At midnight. A thought overflow lol
Written by
         Scarlett, Brianna Love, VS, Weeping willow, Star BG and 33 others
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