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Sep 2017
There is nothing more
            that I wish
                        than to not
                                    feel like this.

The frustrations and sorrows
That fill me to the brim
Overwhelm me, eventually engulfing
My inner-self and my will

That always come second
To the weapon of my choosing
Now becoming dull
As I continue this self-abusing

In this battle versus the world,
I'm the one that's losing
Not the demons that found shelter inside of me
That kick their feet up
While they're cruising

But my gentle nature
Seemed to welcome them with open arms
Please help me,
When will I know when to sound the alarms?

What if I'm not meant to be
The hero in my own story?
I was never one to boast,
Or seek any type of glory

I just hoped to be a good girl
With graceful sensuality
But all society ever seems to worry about is
Finishing your ******* degree

My soul is hurting,
Can you see that I'm aching
In places that his hands explored
But weren't his for the taking?

I can't see clearly,
And my voice keeps breaking
I'm holding my own mouth
Because my lips won't stop shaking

It's affecting my breathing, my chest hurts
It's all heartbreaking
Especially seeing yourself lose
White flag waving above you

The darkness now overtaking
After a very mentally exhausting day, I wrote this with a rap vibe to it.
Written by
Cristi  Canada
     Christopher Victor Russon and danny
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