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Sep 2017
Dona nobis pacem,
the priest intoned.
Harry stood in the third pew
from the back with his wife.

A girl two pews ahead,
had long brown hair
over her shoulders,
had a trim figure
and a well rounded behind.

They knelt as the priest
intoned more Latin.

The girl's head was bowled,
hands together in prayer.

I wouldn't say no. If the old *****
in front would move her large
carcass to the right, I'd have
a better sight. His wife nudged
him with her pointed elbow,
raised her eyebrows, signalled
with a finger for him to close his eyes.

He closed his eyes, allowing thin
slits of sight to peruse the girl's
head and shoulders, as the old
***** had knelt low into the pew.

The priest lifted up the host
and muttered Latin with raised
eyes above him. The old *****
removed sight of the girl from view.

He shut his eyes for real, imaging
the girl's rounded behind, reaching
out with pretend fingers like one blind.
Harry in mass in Eire .
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  71/M/England
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