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Sep 2017
I feel hollow,
I feel shallow,
I feel *****,
I feel empty,
I feel sticky,
I feel itchy,
I feel messy,
I feel heavy                        
I feel new,
I feel old,
I want to let go,
I want to hold,
I feel used,
I feel bruised, and maybe at times abused,
I loathe myself, and sometimes about myself I boast,
I feel hungry,
I feel full,
I feel thirsty,
I feel quenched,
I feel alone,
I feel lonely,
I feel clothed,
I feel naked,
I feel whole,
I feel broken into pieces,
I feel blossomed,
I feel withered,              
I feel responsible for my anomaly,                      
I feel like talking,
I feel like silencing myself,
I feel like running,
I feel like walking by myself,
I feel like climbing,
I feel like rolling,
I feel like shouting when I climb,
I feel like screaming when I crawl,
I feel like crying when I run,
I feel like collapsing when I walk,
I feel like a tool,
I feel like a fool.                        
I feel like a child ordered to act like an adult,                        
I feel like tearing,                        
I feel like shredding                        
I feel all these feelings,
Because that's what I am allowed to,
I never feel love,
Because that's something that I'm not allowed to,  
Because they feel it’s unnatural to fill Missus and Missus on their forms and lines, that's what I feel.
The various feels we are allowed & what we are not.
Samridhi Neelam Nain
Written by
Samridhi Neelam Nain  19/F/New Delhi, India
(19/F/New Delhi, India)   
   Hi, Momenter and Star BG
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