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Sep 2017
My Honey,
This one is for you, from me,
I still vividly remember your first touch,
I still remember how the first time when you poured yourself out to me,
It’s like you had resided in each & every pore of mine,
You had coloured me with your pale colour,
What a whirlwind romance of ours was!
I can’t even think about the times when I was without you,
I was being contained,
My whole existence being reduced to a mere cube,
Then you come around,
Filling me with your sweetness,
Holding me, twirling along with me,
You don’t know how overwhelmingly nice it was,
If only I could put it into words
How you have completed me,
If only I could tell you how you have made me spin for you,
Before you, I was still
& now I rush for you,
My honey, now, I rush to you,
If only you had an idea how you have changed me,
I accept not all the times are perfect for us,
We might not mix that well together,
But I want to know you as well as the blood knows its way in the veins,
Not have you stuck on the roof of the mouth like peanut butter,
Because I know how white I was with fear when I was surviving all lonely in this world,
Let’s just say I have grown used to your embrace to go back to that old tasteless life of mine,
Here’s to me saying what I might’ve said to you over & over again,
I love you, honey.

Yours Forever,
Samridhi Neelam Nain
Written by
Samridhi Neelam Nain  19/F/New Delhi, India
(19/F/New Delhi, India)   
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