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Jun 2012
Beneath my bed covered in layers of dust
Lies an old and worn out photograph
It's Christmas time and children huddle together
Wearing holiday sweaters in red or green
But one child seems to have a personality all his own
The boy in the bright blue sweater

Time passes, I see him once or twice a year
Always so different, his personality intrigued me
We were the best of friends when we were together
His unique charm always making me smile
Then once he confessed his feelings were stronger
The boy in the bright blue sweater

We dated then, that boy and me
We shared every feeling, every secret, every story
I felt like a princess with him as my prince
Whenever I broke down, he'd dry my tears
It didn't take long before I fell in love
With the boy in the bright blue sweater

Then one day, my life can to a sudden halt
When that boy said he didn't love me
Tears fell like pouring rain drops in a fearful storm
My heart shattered like glass into tiny pieces
He wanted to feel popular, be like everyone else
Anyone but the boy in the bright blue sweater

I don't see him now, we never talk
To him it's like I never even existed
But me, I don't know what to think anymore
Bestfriend to boyfriend to enemy to stranger
But I am sure of this, to me he will always be
The boy in the bright blue sweater
Anna Wood
Written by
Anna Wood
   Timothy and Rob Rutledge
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