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Sep 2017
Sitting alone in a park
and a familiarity sent
chill inside your spine
like a spark; the sudden
even playing in front
you took you to your
tomorrow, and all you
could think of is a
vivid memory of your
the warm home you
came from; the vague
feelings took over
soon as you heard a
song and surprising
noises of the children
playing at the other
side; you never felt
so nostalgic with it
"I feel like this thing
Happened before?"
you thought and
your girlfriend came;
everything vanished.

β€”Deja Vu

you arrived your home,
exhausted and hungry
Yourself felt detached
with everything inside
The home was unheated;
it has been years after
your parents died from
sickness and accident;
Your chest felt heavy
and an overwhelming
feeling oozes down
like what you have felt
awhile ago at the park;
uneasy with the tight
unnamed feelings, you
felt negativity inside;
the detachment tires
your whole being more
and you will see yourself
crying to release the
uninvited feelings

β€”Jamais Vu
Written by
Niklaus  M/underworld
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