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Sep 2017
My cheeks grow larger with each day
Forming canyons in my skin
Every bit of air
into my nostrils

Food like rubber
Slithers down my throat
I can feel every ounce of my blood
Pulsing through my veins

It rushes to my brain
It rattles against my skull
Pounding all day

                             An unanswered door

The bed holds me up
In all the stiff places
Vibrating softly against my spine

All I can do now is focus on the sound
All of the sound housed inside of me
⎯a choir of pain screaming at the doctors
“Help me, please…”

My kidneys ache
I will myself to shout
But my tongue just rolls around
Hidden inside of my mouth

Behind my custom teeth
It lies there
Mocking me

My children can no longer understand my words


Their glassy eyes stare in confusion
Every time I make a sound
They tell me it’s okay
However, my days are growing short

The golden rays dance through my skull
And I long to be there
Light as a feather
Drifting through the wind

Instead, my bathroom lies miles away
I can hardly stand
To think, this body once could function
Without a helping hand

I am praying to God, take me home
Every restless night
The incessant beeping from the halls
Rings through my ears

I picture my husband’s face, tears wet on his cheeks. His firm hand gripping onto mine. He wants me to stay.

He is begging me to fight

Still, my bones are tired. My eyelids like broken garage doors
His words taste so sweet on my palm
The bitterness of leaving⎯ a rusty pipe in my mouth. I am treading slowly to the end. Bill, I love you and you know I’ll see you again.
Written by
Rhianna Powell
   Dan and JD24
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