Do you ever want to say something,
something that will bring the world
to its feet.
Something that will change mans inhumanity to man
say something so powerful, so touching,
so blindingly obvious that it will ignite
beautiful in all of us
something that will feed the hungry and dry the tears
of the abused and suffering
something that will clothe the naked and shelter the homeless
something that will restore kindness and appreciate our world
something that will educate and give real hope for the
next generation.
Don't you want to be able to write down those words
in a language
read by all
and written for everyone
How those words can change lives
change outlooks forever
do away with prejudice
and hatred
how those words wouldn't discriminate
against race and religion
and woman
but more that they would join our hands together
spanning this globe
sharing in its beautiful feast.

What words would we choose
that wouldn't go unheard.
A silent world awaits the children
where the fences of technology are higher
than those around our gardens
and the voices are pressed on mute
What hope lies beyond this earth
somewhere where the words are heard

Written by
Arthur Carter  M
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