Sep 2017
The shadow fell,
and the cloud formed.
Cast me to hell,
and leave me thorned.

The masquerade,
and games of fate,
they all do fade,
and turn to hate.

The smoke cleared out,
and freed my lungs.
Left me with doubt,
with all my wrongs.

Please set me free,
and bring me back,
or let me beat,
my dying heart.

I saw your eyes,
entrapped in time,
they promised lies,
when they met mine.

She says forgive,
I say forget.
They come and leave,
and I regret.

She cries and asks,
what shall I do?
Just wear the mask.
"I'll miss you too."

You're not to blame.
It was too fast.
Our hopes were lame.
They could not last.

Your love is real,
but not for me.
Time all things heals,
so let it be.

Don't think me poor.
Don't ask for more.
Just lock the door,
on your way out.
And quiet still,
the violin,
the player's ill,
hurt from within.
"check mate".
-Light DeVille
Written by
-Light DeVille  M/US
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