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Sep 2017
Soul: ( to the self)
If you'd just let me in
you'd know what I've been
through, on and in
lower a bit that chin

Desires need be kept within
silent stay, don't you grin
nothing heard, dropped a pin?
Remember these just to begin

(Devil) Deceiver: (to the self)
Know that's you, you're the king
above your head lies no string
Evil? What's that a thing
There's no bad luck to bring

What keeps you so running
know that he's bluffing
he ain't that cunning
See, the dark's quite stunning

Graspeth, the light before ye fall
the boogy knows how to crawl
before makes he dark the hall
Hurry! answer the Devine's call

(Deceiver) Manipulator:
What? the dope's back again
manipulating you to refrain
being dug under my crane
Apologies, allow me to start again
A conversation with the inner self or soul and the Devil himself
This is the part 1 of the original whole poem. And it gets more amusing in the upcoming part. Soul and Devil talk face to face;)
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