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Sep 2017
my demon is anger.
it rises and erupts in me;
i’m no longer a quiet, cool ocean,
but a fiery, angry volcano.
my demon escapes when i am weakest.
it wants me to be strong,
to dominate.
to destroy.
to be the best.
my demon is my curse.
it’s a part of me.
it makes me, me,
but i think it’s ****.
it’s hideous.
i want to put an end to the anger,
but with two small hands
i can’t possibly stop a volcano.
i really wanted to see what people though of this. :/ it truly came from the bottom of my heart and i honestly don't know if it is quality poetry.
Written by
rose  writing next to my cats.
(writing next to my cats.)   
   Lior Gavra
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