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Sep 2017
I had a 2 wheeled blue scooter;
I rode it down the *****
from the Square
down through one
of the gaps at the end
and onto Rockingham Street,
then turned around
and scooted it back up again.

Enid stood watching me at the top
Can I have a go Benny?
she said.

Sure you can;
I handed her the scooter.

She put a foot on
and scooted down the *****;
she put both feet on the scooter
as it picked up speed,
passing people who were coming up
and going down the *****.

She went through the right hand gap
and onto Rockingham Street.

She looked back up at me and smiled;
she turned around and shooter up the *****
her left foot pushing the ground.

She got to the top
that was great,
she said
can I have a go again?

Sure you can;
she turned the scooter around
and off she went.

I watched her go
pleased to see her happy and smiling,
hoping her old man
didn't come along and see her
or she'd be for it
as he was in his dark moods once more
and she be for it for sure.
kids in london in 1957
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  71/M/England
     L B and Keith Wilson
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