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Sep 2017
You can't miss something until it's gone.
I guess you proved I'm not wrong.
But now I'm tired and I can't fall asleep;
The thought of you haunts me in my dreams.
I'm out of energy, but not out of fight;
I just wish I knew you were ok at night.
That's not something I worried about when you slept here in my arms.
Now I sleep alone and wonder where you are.
Do you think of me in random thoughts?
I think of you when I see the stars.
And the songs I play to pass the time
Bring to life memories in my mind.
Your kiss, your touch, your beautiful face,
They give me feelings I don't want to erase.
What I wouldn't give to have that again.
I hate the magic had to end.
Maybe someday when we have the time
I can maybe try to change your mind,
Or we'll find each other somewhere down the road
And take a better journey into the unknown.
Whatever happens, just know this one thing:
I'm glad I found you and my feelings will never change.
Daniel Gambill
Written by
Daniel Gambill  NC
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