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Sep 2017

That day I woke up
And realized
I have lost my breathe

I looked for myself in the mirror
And I could not see me
I had lost my BEING
Who was this robber?

I tried to smile and
I could not find my smiles

After a while my tears dried too
But I cried a lot without tears too
Who stole my tears?

I searched for my words
And I realized that
I've lost all of it except...
The only words that I spoke now
Were words of YOUR praise
Was your Name-chants
Who are you my dear burglar?

I lost my life
I lost my work
I lost my dreams
I lost my causes

Someone stole my sleep
Someone stole my dreams
Someone stole my daylight
Someone stole my sunshine
Someone stole my sparkle
Someone stole my light


The LOVE that I thought
I possessed within
Was stolen without my consent
Without my permission

Now I see my LOVE residing in
My thief's heart
Whose heart is that anyways?
I wonder
Mine or my BELOVEDz?

And all these has
Left me with what?
A singular feeling of
LOVE, Love, love
LOVING, Loving, loving
YOU, You, you...

Now I do not want anything back
Of what you've stolen from me
By stealing everything of me
You have kept me within YOU

You stole my LIFE
You stole my LOVE
Now you are living my life
Now you are loving my LOVE

That's why
I LOVE my thief, I LOVE my burglar

Hope I had a few more things
To offer for stealing
Because the LOVE
Exchanged through stealing
Is ingrained on our hearts
Now it can not be stolen ever by anyone

Live within each other

That, no one can steal that!

That's why we LOVE the
"Stealer Of Our Soul..."

Melancholy of Innocence
Written by
Melancholy of Innocence  Planet Earth
(Planet Earth)   
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