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Sep 2017
Attitudes, can I change theirs?
Yes, they told
I ripped their souls with words
Did I change?
Not yet, they are still criminals
They rob people on their roads
They **** for wealth, properties

What should I do? Report?
That would be so polite of you
So legal and peaceful
Will I get immediate response
Sure, within two or three
Two or three what?
Years, they said

I might do it myself, next time
I said
Then you’re among them
I think, correction, I believe
They are among them too
Yeah, could be
Are you?
No, no. I like justice against crimes
But, it’s just crime
People need better police services. Criminals get protection instead of for people. Innocent lives get killed and the murderers are being sent to jail. These jails have made cops and criminals more closer than the ordinary people. When justice is announced in the courts, it becomes a positive jury for the suspects. They don't deserve an extra ordinary life hurting innocents. Millions of cases still on hold because of the friendship between high officials and notorious criminals. This must end some day.
Mane Omsy
Written by
Mane Omsy  24/M/Dubai
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