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Sep 2017
❝ everything is made from everything else
to the geniuses who made my existence complicated
to the humans whose destroying earth
to the sun whose bringing gleam across stars
it all circles around the finite life people lead
regardless on how we live, we breathe the same air
maybe in some kind of situation we encountered gold
but in actuality it's just a metal whose goal is to sense greed
for the mortals who craved for wealth
look them in the eye, ask the deep pockets.
if money is rolling, would they be pleasured?
start asking questions until they struggle to perfect your life
there must be a reason why you hide away from the ground
those forces are merely an illusion
they create cruelty to make people escape the realm of reality
tell me, why are you craving for wealth? ❞
aphotic blue
Written by
aphotic blue  18/heaven
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