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Sep 2017
It rains as they put up the tent
they work as fast as they can
but still get soaked to the skin.

Once the tent is up
they climb inside.

I'm going to the shower block
to shower and change
into dry clothes
Dalya says.

The other girl
mumbles similar
and they grab their towels
and walk through the rain
to the female shower block
and go inside.

They peel off
the wet clothes
and put them under a bench
and go into the showers
and turn on the taps.

Hot water
Dalya closes her eyes
and lets the water
rush over her body and hair.

She wishes Benny was there
to wash her body with soap
his hands moving over her curves
and between her thighs
under and over her stiff *******.

But he is not there
and she must do it herself
and pretend with eyes closed
that it is him there.

His hands not hers
his breath on her neck
as he whispers words.

His hands about her body
smoothing down skin.

She spreads her thighs pretending
letting out sighs.
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  73/M/England
     Lora Lee
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