Jun 2012

And as fairy tales go,
This one was the best

The Story of a silly-dark-brown haired girl
Who never strayed too far away from strange.
And of a short-light-brown haired boy
Who was nothing but strange.  
A pair of star-crossed strangers
Who never realized how strange they were

And as far was fairy tales go,
This one made no sense,

You see the silly girl and the strange boy looked everywhere for someone as strange as they were
They looked everywhere for the person at the end of the red string
But whenever they saw each other,
Blinded by their strange ways,
They looked pass one another
And didn’t stop to find each other.

And as far as fairy tales go
This one has no end.

An infinite loop of separations,
         And meetings
Denying everything in between.
They may go on to their separate ways
And meet once again,

But as far as fairy tales go,
This one was the best…

Because there are infinite chances to always meet,
And someday soon,
Their fates will intertwine,
Together forever,
           Is the best ending line.

Andrea Diaz
Written by
Andrea Diaz  Here
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