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Sep 2017
The Gospel. Not an easy message to state or hear. Who wants to repent? Hardly anyone these days. Who wants to believe in a God who many believe irrelevant to modern life? Hmmm?

A God who preordained a Messiah who tells people they must DIE TO LIVE. Well. That's the message. Luke 14. Look it up. Jesus has attracted thousands of followers. He turns to them and says YOU must hate your mom, dad, sis, bro... everyone! YOU MUST DIE TO THIS WORLD TO LIVE!
They must pick up their cross and follow him. Thousands left. All who remained were twelve men. Jesus asked if THEY also wanted to go. They said, NO. You alone hold eternal life.

Folks, I LOVE YOU. So i am simply going to say this...


That's all God asks. He wants to reconcile you, A SINNER, to Himself. YOU ALL ARE NOT RIGHTEOUS. Only Jesus, who was born of a ******, NEVER SINNED IN HIS LIFE, preached the Good News of the Kingdom so boldly he infuriated a lot of self- righteous people, was brutally beaten, then crucified, DEAD. BURIED. ROSE AGAIN ON THE THIRD DAY TO A NEW LIFE. He CAN take your place as sinful flesh, so YOU can GAIN HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. Only then can you be reconciled to a Righteous God.

I'm saying all this because


I just died today. Care to join me?

♡ Catherine
Google "The Sermon That Shocked Everyone! UNFORGETTABLE ENDING!"

Christ is NOT IRRELEVANT. He is as alive today as He ever was... it's Christians who are in love with the world who are irrelevant. I was one. Forgive me! I did you all NO FAVORS.

WARNING. ALL YOU WILL READ ON THIS SITE FROM NOW ON IS THE TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL. If this offends you OH, WELL. I'm NOT apologizing. If you don't like it don't read.

Why? Because I'm dying for YOU. That i may live with Christ.

Over. Out.
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