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Aug 2017
He slid between the shadows,
of the walls in every room.
He hoped the sun wouldn't crawl his way,
as he cried for the moon.
He's learned to hide amongst the paint,
slipping in its depth.
Watching from the inside,
deceiving his own breath.
It was cold where he walked,
the night with wind so strong.
How could he know this smart escape,
when his heart was just so young?
Well you see, he never fit in,
this weird world of light.
So he fell away from the day,
and slipped from people's sight.
He saw into every person,
that thought they were alone.
They never knew he truly cared,
and from their heads he'd go.
Yet they felt this kinder relief,
when his shadow appeared towards theirs.
He would stand so brave and tall,
as he gave them all his air.
And one day he won't have enough,
He surely won't survive.
But he helped many others,
to make them feel alive-
This poem is about all the people that help others, but the others never realize. This poem is for all the introverts, including myself, who never really talk in public.
Car Alexander Defelice
Written by
Car Alexander Defelice  15/M/FL
         MalakF and 29 others
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