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Jun 2012
I laugh
    when I hear
conservatives talk about,
the sanctity of marriage,
and No Adam and Steve,

        when I couldnt count
                the number
  of extramarital indiscretions
        committed by them,
if I was a centipede,
      with five toes on each leg.

             I laugh
        when I hear
progressives talk about
Conservative fear mongerin tactics.

Have you seen any of these
anti cigarette comercials lately?
Who thought it would be a good Idea
to put a ****** arterial cleanin surgery video

on Comedy Central?  :)

     I laugh
when I hear
conservatives say
they are going to do
everythin possible to keep
Obama from servin a second term...

and yet they nominate
Mitt Romney as their man to do it.

Who's gonna vote for a robot? :p

    I laugh
when I hear progressives
call conservatives ****'s,
and then tell me
I shouldn't be

    doin this,
               or that,
or I should belive in somethin I can't see...

like change. :D

Vote Ron Paul!

because those other
don't know
what they're talkin about.
Give me liberty or give me a BJ.  ;)
Henry Daniels
Written by
Henry Daniels
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