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Jul 23
Is it easy as saying something new
I'm trying to walk my way through the rain.
But I never found any way through the pain

Lost and forgetting what has happened thus far
You were like a part of me
That never quite blossomed
You were like the last
Thing I never said.

When there's so much more
When there's nothing more.

I'd give my whole life just for this
But why can't I have a simple thing like this.
I don't think I'll ever know
It's not like the past told new something new
It's not like you gave me the chance to do

The cold comes through
Reminding me that I still don't have you

I know deep down all I need is my own will
But I'll never have the strength to get through

I gave up a lot for you
You will never know the things I'd do

Try to make me feel this way
I will never understand why it's went this way
I tried.
Not too long ago.

I'm still knees deep
In falling snow
No it's not a beautiful scene
I'm still falling far from my only dreams
Another draft I'm making Public
Written by
Jasmine  28/F
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