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Aug 2017
The house was quiet
Magdalene's parents were out
her da was away on the farm
and her ma was out
visiting a friend.

Mary was lying
beside Magdalene
on her single bed.  

Do you want to?
Magdalene said.

Have we time?
Mary replied.

To be sure we have
Magdalene said.

She kissed Mary's lips
quietly she moved back
on her side
and gazed at the girl.

You can kiss better
than the Kelly boy
Mary said smiling.

They lay gazing at each other
shall we undress?
Magdalene said softly.

What if your parents come
and find us?
Mary said.

They'll belt your ****
Magdalene said jokingly
come on.

Mary listened out for sounds
birds sang from the garden
a cow mooed
from a nearby field.

On your head be it
Mary said.

They got off the bed
and began to undress
each watching the other
remove clothing.

They piled their clothes neatly
on the dressing table
and climbed into bed.

Your hands are cold
Mary said
as Magdalene touched her thighs.

Let me warm them
Magdalene whispered.

They kissed and hugged
then after 5 minutes
there was a knock
on the front door.

Who the **** is that?
Magdalene said
getting out of the bed
and looking out
the window
at the front door below.

Who it is?
Mary asked sitting up
holding the sheet up
to her small *******.

The fecking postman
Magdalene said.

She grabbed her
dressing gown
and went downstairs.

Mary got out of bed
and stood gazing out
the window.

The postman said something
and the door closed.

Magdalene came back
up the stairs
parcel for me ma
best get dressed in case
me ma comes back sooner
Magdalene said

So they got dressed
and went down stairs
and went in the kitchen
and made tea
and sat at the table.

A few minutes later
her ma came in.

You are back early
Magdalene said.

My friend
didn't show up
her ma said
what you two girls
been up to?

Nothing just having tea
and a chin-wag
Magdalene said
keeping images
of her and Mary
naked in bed
locked up
in her head
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  71/M/England
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