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Aug 2017
As I look out through my window seat,
I can see vast tiny blocks and green
Bushes through the white cotton candies,
As I’m rising higher…I can see them faintly.
They are slowly fading away.
Now all I can see is a huge land of
White cotton candies amongst the vast blue kingdom
I can see them move past me,
It’s purely pleasant and picturesque.
I can see them move past me,
calm and peacefully.
I can see them below me ,
I can see them above me,
I can see them from miles apart too.

Each one has got a unique form,
Some are quite..,
Some are rushing along it’s infinite boundary.
Even though it’s beside me ,
I cannot sense it with my bare hands.
I wish I could feel them  with my fingers,
I wish I could jump into one of them,
And travel across it’s ocean of serene beauty.
Could it be icy like snow ?
Or steamy like gases ?
Will it lead me to a castle undiscovered?
Or maybe heavens above?
hiba sajid
Written by
hiba sajid  23/F
   Lior Gavra and Ryan Holden
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