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Oct 2017
There exists a place, or so I'm told
far beyond our dreams of gold
far removed from want or need
or evil souls sick with greed
A place we crafted with our minds,
left our wars and lives behind
and thought for once of how it'd be,
if instead of I there was only we.
The journey was long,
and the path we walked hard
as we spread our light ,
from star to star.
The journey is not over,
mankind is not grown,
there is room for improvement,
and much left unknown.
But for this you were conscripted,
and you haven't a choice
and in the swarm of exsistence
you haven't a voice,
So what must you do if you want to be heard,
Speak with your actions and temper your words.
Carry us further, set tempo and pace,
Run your leg dutifully; of the great human race.
Written by
       Tehillah and Zero Nine
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