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Aug 2017
Standing in a dark forest on a cool spring's night
surrounded by the many tall trees with limbs disfigured,
their long fingers point to the vast heavens and cool earth below
appearing like grotesque creatures from a strange world.
Though they number many
      they seem so alone!
Black star filled sky
     quarter moon
          smile in the sky
              no nose....
                  No eyes for tears to cry
                       like I do everyday......
Lonely orphan I am traveling with the strong wind
     hoping where I may stop
          a loving angel will be there to lend me a helping hand
               to help me through another trying day.
A stare into the distance reveals a small house
     soft yellow light illuminates from its welcoming windows.
I wonder for a brief moment, if an orphan such as I
     traveling with the strong wind, with so little to offer in gratitude
         would be a welcome guest in such a peaceful place?
Setting aside my green cloth bag which contains all I own
    which is so little' but has grown heavier with each long mile
       quickly wearing my shoes paper thin....
I begin to think of mom and dad who have long passed
      their touching memories strongly remain within my
         broken heart....
I Wish my impossible dreams could come true
     if so....How great things would be...
"Mom! Dad! If Heaven only had a phone
      I would call you everyday, so I wouldn't feel so alone!"
I am an orphan child traveling with the strong wind
    seeking a loving home
        to gladly take me in.......
I guess I don't have to explain myself on this, for I experienced a great deal of loneliness in my life. Thing is to always reach out and give support to all in need. Doing good for others can always be self rewarding!
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
Written by
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
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