Aug 2017
They see me and I don’t see them,
They’re running in circles inside my head.

We’re on the highway,
Driving past my changes.

They’re driving me insane,
With the speed of time.

They kicked me out.
It was the only way to achieve my dreams.

I’m now running,
Stumbling and falling.

It’s too fast,
The changes that I do.

They wanted me to realize what i’ve done,
And the things I can’t atone.

I’m a book,
A book you can never read.

I gets longer, shorter.
Everything changes with a single word.

They gave me wings,
And wanted me to carry them.

I carried them over the sea of my past selves.
And wanted me to stop.

They destroyed my wings,
Making us all fall down.

I’m now lost in the sea of regret,
Making me cry tears to fill the sea and drown it all.

My sadness swallowed them all,
Merging them into my worst nightmare.

I’m now running again,
Getting chased by my demons.

I wish I could fly away from it all,
Never stop, never look back.

But everything I want will never happen,
The whole world is against me.

I have too many sins to ever be able to pray.
But I still pray for my life to continue.

And then it happened,

I finally got my wings,
I jumped off the cliff I've been chased up to.

And I flew and flew,
Until I realized I was falling.

I only asked for wings,
Not how to fly.

I landed straight on my head,
I died, together with everything I’ve been running from.

I can never escape my nightmare,
Not even a wish can help me.
Dark Delusion
Written by
Dark Delusion  16/F/Denmark
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