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Aug 2017
I'm a Disney princess
A pretty, pretty actress
Sought by handsome princes
and by ugly wicked witches

My hair is blonde
and shiny and smooth
or soft and long
and fragrant and strong

I'm just like my hair
Shining bright like a flare
In a world of unfair
I'd get even and square

(Grr, grr!)

'Cause I'm a Disney princess
My skin is white and lovely
So are  my eyes and my teeth
And everything about me

Because I am perfect
I'm created to win
I'm the hero of your dreams
Armed with my tears and high-pitched screams

Sometimes I'd only sleep
Then there comes his charming kiss
It's hot, it's sweet, it's salty
Thanks for waking me up!

Sometimes I'd sneak on a ball
Dancing 'til I hear my midnight call
And leave one of my silver slippers
For my curious prince to ponder
Then he'd seek and find me
And we'll live happily ever after!

Wait, why am I here
In this sad forgotten tower?
With my evergrowing golden hair
Can't even find a single stair

I wanna go down
I wanna go down so badly
I wanna go down so deeply
Somebody please help me
Please help me go down

And my wish is granted:
A prince had just appeared
He pulled down my slender hair
Saved me from my lonely despair
But β€œouch! That hurts!”
No it didn't! I'm just trying to flirt!

(Wink, wink!)

'Cause I'm a Disney princess
I can have all that I want
I can make all those mistakes
And fix them with a magical wand!

My life is a dazzling fairy tale
Packed with curses and magic spells
Who really cares about moral lessons
If everyone's happy like a bunch of morons?

Because I'm a Disney princess!
Everybody loves me
Whatever I do
You still wanna be me!

Curtain closes,
bells go chimes
My story ain't over,
it's just begun
Countdown starts,
five times the fun
Four times the thrill,
the Evil Queen awakes
Thrice made the chill,
the dragon is unleashed
Twice turn the pages,
here come the mages
Once upon a time,
I'm a Disney princess!
31 July 2016

Β© Khayri R.R. Woulfe. All rights reserved.
Written by
KHAYRI WOULFE  Khayri R.R. Woulfe
(Khayri R.R. Woulfe)   
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