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Aug 2017
I wish i could write to you about how i see things and how i feel in a way that hasnt been said that hasnt been wrote that hasnt been thought.
Why are we so mechanic that we cant do anything that is just our own?
Yes we dont feel what each other feels but its so similar it might as well be the same.
I wish i could take you to a world that you havent ever seen before that hasnt ever been imagined with creatures that hasnt already been brought into existence.
Why is it we cant even think on our own?
Even what we make believe is just copy cat to what has been made up before.
Even children dont have the talent anymore.
I want to give you something new.
I yurn for something new.
I beg the heavens for something new.
I cry myself to sleep to dream of something new.
I just need something new.
Cindy Long
Written by
Cindy Long  28/Non-binary/Not from earth anymore..
(28/Non-binary/Not from earth anymore..)   
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