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Aug 2017
It was 6:00 PM
when you tear your way out of my rib cage,
and the night sky was bleeding cherry red.

I wanted to ask you to stay, but I didn't.
I was afraid that your skin will no longer recognize my touch,
that your body, your mind, and your heart were no longer mine to claim.

You vomited "sorrys".
You tried to kiss away the pain,
but the war had already left me broken before
it even started.

It was 6:00 PM
when time decided to stop breathing
and the universe conspired
to break the world into fragments
in order to keep us forever apart.

Since then,
I've been living in our memory lane--
a different dimension
an endless,
broken loop.

My mind has been shredding love letters
But there were times when my hands are missing
the warmth of your skin
so I just write and hide you in my poetry.

It was 6:00 PM
when I realized that gravity anchored my body
to the same ground
where you left me.
And I feel empty
I'm weightless.
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