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Aug 2017
Deshbhushan – my father’s name given on
Entrance of a temple where grandma in yawn
Sitting with twins – my father and uncle yon
Hilltop – crying were both – grandpa gone.
Buying some milk when came on lawn
He saw our saint named Shantisagar icon
Underneath a sacred tree praying at dawn.
She worried at weeping of children and bon.
Hurriedly came grandpa with water from Huron
Aiming to quench thirst of three since eon.
Now Shantisagarji Maharaj did withdrawn –
Jain munies never change in meditation
Any position – but for them came in agitation
Informing grandma the names in clarion,
None than Deshanbhushan and Kulbhushan;
Since then my uncle and father are don.
I am developing a new style of writing poetry where all ending words rhyme with one another. I named it “Pari”.  This is a unique style which is being recognized by many critics through some sites. Thanks to those invisible hands and fingers which supported and inspired me to continue my efforts in my new, creative, artistic and innovative “Pari” style.
Written by
Ksjpari  40/M/Surat, Gujarat, India
(40/M/Surat, Gujarat, India)   
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