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Aug 2017

Nothing but
a bauble

in the firmament
a nebula

far beyond Orion

light years
from here

from this
blob of blue.

The alien's elation
at our perfect planet

perfect for

like a blueberry
picked from the stem

in the palm


The rest
gone to making

Auntie's jam.

Auntie Blob
as we called her

( never to her
face of course )

nibbling at her Bible
searching for the perfect quote

clipping her toenails
on yesterday's front page

kicking Shakespeare
"Outta de way!"

That hound
nothing but bones

reminds her of her
second husband

that's why she's so
mean to him.

Shakespeare decides to
"Beat it!"

knows her quickness
to anger

hunts along the lake
shore shingle

whereupon he's beamed up
for alien analysis.

"Strange being!"
they intone

at his four legs

they only
having one.

Alien language
unknown to us

nothing but
tones and bleeps and high pitched notes

with great elan

but Shakespeare gets the jist
of everything they're saying.
Shakes ***** a leg
****** on

their controls

the master board
nothing but smoke...flames!

Old Shakes
decides to hunt out that flea

in his left

Aliens don't take so well
to fleas

tear themselves

flee to the far side
lock themselves into pressurised suits.

Shakes howls

even for Auntie Blob's
bad hearted kicks.

Alien ears explode.

Survivors beam down
Shakes as fast as they can.

"Earth creatures
can not be overcome!"

runs the report
in capital bleeps and tones.

you come here!"


"Bad dog...bad dog!"

He crawls on his belly
dodges an ill-timed blow.

"Where in the world
you been?"

A kick gets him
in the privates.

He cowers
underneath his chair.

what a night!"

"That blue!
it's outta this world!"

She catches a falling star
out of the corner of her eye.

She isn't superstitious.
She makes no wishes.

"Lord God...where's that
**** dog!"

Shakespeare whines
softly to him self

the Dog star
reflected in his right eye.

Shakespeare the saviour
of the world.

''PRONUNCIATION:(ob-NOO-buh-layt, -NYOO-)
MEANING:verb tr.: To cloud over, obscure, or darken.
From Latin obnubilare (to darken or obscure), from ob- (in the way) + nubilare (to be cloudy), from nubes (cloud). The word nuance is also a derivative of nubes.
Donall Dempsey
Written by
Donall Dempsey  Guildford
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