Aug 2017
One day
One day I'll write you
a poem

I'll write about your
The consuming curves of your mouth
The twitches (sudden, sharp)
in your muscles

I'll tell the world
[empty rooms that read (mock)
my fractured whispers]
of how your chapped translators,
snuck past the
raw fissures of mine

I'll lyricise
About (ghostly) words that
were mouthed
across my skin

In (dazed) familiarity
I will (won't) recall
nights like this one
Nights where I felt.

I felt.

I'll write about
a love I've never
with a faceless
person I've never met,
only Alive
in the evolving
depths of (my) dreams
Through dwam
and deep sleep

One day
I'll carve into saturated sand
(under waves that will
greet me with the same fondness I have when I recall you)
all these
that can never exist
(how can they if
you don't either?)
Written by
Razeena Bham  Johannesburg|South Africa
(Johannesburg|South Africa)   
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