Aug 12

im running out of fuel.

almost there

im running out of the very thing that held me together and made me who i was.

almost where?

but when u make it till the end, ur gonna be a lot stronger than you were

the burning fire of passion, nothing more than a flicker.

hope only exists when you believe.

for if the winter cold burns out the fading fire

where else would we find the warming heart?

be light and salt. -JISAS

ill be salty

ill be lighty

ill be mighty

ill be your laddie

youll be my baddie

to be clear, we're making poetry right?

idk but this itself can be our light

to make us bright

and shine in the darkest night

we'll be the ones to change it all

the ones to be the last

thatll feel the dread of sacrifice, pain and worst of all boredom

and with Death we shall end Boredom

rebirth, a new life, living in God's Kingdom

Alas, it's a new day today.

It's a beautiful day today.

So they say, today is beautiful.

It is truly tranquil

like the calm of clouds

there is nothing loud

Just the big white pillows

as i watch from below

Oh ships and dreams, behold

my future you will mold

it hurts to live inside the endless buzz

however clouds come after gusts

a chance to rest, a chance to smile

is how we live this life

when will it end, this highway to hell, when will we slow to finally sleep

But beware of dangers sloth in sleeping dreams

our destination lies long it seems.

But the mountain peak is nothing without the hike

there's no difference whether walk, fly or bike

As long as we still chase our stars even in the darkest of nights

nothing will matter, not disease nor blight

because there is the Light.

i was talking to my friend about how tired we were because we went through the same thing together
Written by
Cloud  15/M/Big blue sky
(15/M/Big blue sky)   
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