Aug 2017
It felt so unreal
but it was real
the feeling was fictional

To them it was just a feeling
that linges but really
it stays to guide, hunt
and direct them in their doings

But really do feelings die
do they fade away
or get forgotten

Of course the answer
is NO cus' as long
as you live you keep feeling
something both good or bad

But really what was
this feeling that kept
hunting them through out
their lifes as humans

Was it their conscience
their heart or their mind
that made them feel this way?
a lot of people asked them
and they had no reply
cus' they claimed
not to knw the feeling

But really they
all knew the feeling
and felt it too
cus' it was not far from them
and the feeling was no other
than the guilt they felt
and this is what hunted and guided
them through out their lifes
even to their death bed
Chidera Abaratu
Written by
Chidera Abaratu  18/F/Nigeria
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