Jun 2012

Light comes with day
Darkness comes with night
Listen to your heart; it’s usually always right.
Keep it hidden, locked away.
Don’t let anyone in, make sure all stay out.
Make sure your lock is nice and stout.

You must not let your guard fall,
For if you do, then so will you.
They’ll take advantage if you let them in.
Lead you to believe all their lies and rip your heart apart.
Their love is false, you can feel it in your heart.

Don’t fall for their act,
For all love is, is a lifelong trap.
If you see them blindly, you won’t see your landing.
You won’t see their deceit until it’s too late.
Not until you’ve given your heart; for them to break.

So shield your heart, lock it away.
Don’t you let anyone in, for if you do……  
It will only be anger and pain you will feel in the end.
Keep it safe, don’t be a fool.
For love can be exceedingly cruel.

Alexandria Cawood
Written by
Alexandria Cawood
   SJ Reese
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