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Aug 2017
Get off your soapbox

Feeling far too hot
Modestly boxed in, by each scoff
Folding up my arms as my tongue is lopped off

I know its funny
I'm laughing inside
The same arguments
Humanity is so blind

They all start coming, at the same time

They keep on running up
Flagpole ****
I think I've had enough
Am I anything without this?

Feeling fragile, breaking cycles

Left myself out of the carnage

You'll have your day
Then when that day is done, you'll know what you've become
This is my day
To make that ******* change, the whole world is a stage


Started with hatred, flowing through the air
Wheres my forgiveness?
Incessant, bound and scared

You seem quite passive, for the way you play
****** body submissive
Power to subvert the enemy

And this is the ending of a waste
The life once gifted has been thrown the **** away
It was left up to you
Now you've got it made
But with nothing more to lose

And nothing left to prove
Saint Audrey
Written by
Saint Audrey  Neither/I don't even know anymore
(Neither/I don't even know anymore)   
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