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Jun 2012
Always coming back around like the first rainstorm of April
you sound like thunder
and you're
the acid rain on my parade
this one is for you
you and those broken-hearted eyes
that look right through me
but why?
Why do they do that when you know,
they don't want to
And why do you have to leave this early,
when you know you don't want to
I need a piece of you, not too big---but not too small
that I can hold onto when you're not here
so I won't withdraw
and live my life to it's fullest
like you already have and you already are
it seems--
I won't let you go
I can't let you go
but if I could...
we might both prosper
and be unique, different, and excited
and maybe one day you might come back around
as the first tulip in May
it's time I do let go
I can keep holding on
but I will not
Written by
   Reece AJ Chambers
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