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Aug 2017
Nothing scares me more than the thought
That I can become lesser
To someone who once loved me in entirety

What if my insecurity that she always helps to quell
Becomes a burden in her every day
What if the creativity
That she once saw in my every song
And poem
Becomes nothing more than another word
Carelessly placed

What if my once compelling conversational topics
Become but an obligation to reply
What if the things that hold us together
Right now
Are made nonexistent
And my words don't flow like they used to,
That my voice doesn't sing as well as it should do

Nothing scares me more

My inability to take a step back and stay calm
My perpetual insecurity and need for assurance
My incapacity to overlook the things that don't matter

I'm being pessimistic because I know she loves me
But I can't shake off the thought that
Everything she now knows about me
Has already begun to seem unappealing

The thought that the spark we set alight
Could have already begun to burn out
Because people fall out of love
For the same reasons they fell in it
Aidan A
Written by
Aidan A  24/M/Malaysia
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