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Aug 2017
Led by a strange shepherd flock
In a small village near a creek
Reached at sharp twelve o'clock
With a look of a daring freak

It was one of the darkest nights
A few dim lights shown far away
It was a silent moonless sight
O' t'is what a tiresome day

Listening to the howls of the wild
I sat on a rock, to wait for daylight
A faint cry of an innocent child
Kept me awake all through the night

A cursed village some say
Located at the foot of a mountain
I hope it's not the one where I've to stay
But that one was near a fountain

'Once I get a solution to end that demon
I will have to continue this journey
To save our children and women
From the evil one, whose disciples are many'

Cold crawling up my frail veins
Like a slithering tree snake
Fog gathering like luminous pain
Over a distant lake

'How long will my village people suffer
From that ruthless false god
He is an evil demon bluffer
Who preaches false word'

'Behind the preaching, he kills for blood
A creature of the dark night
He hides the bones in the mud
Out of everyones sight'

The shepherds boy disappeared
Among the patrols on our way
Hours after he appeared
The darkness slowly faded away

The rocky path led to the old hermit
Who poses magical healing powers
It was hard to get an entry permit
But then welcomed after few hours

The hermit knew my situation
And began his weird chant
He gave me a magical potion
Which was my main want

Now to sprinkle this potion on the demon
And send him back, where he came from
Not another child or women
Shall get victimized in this wrathful storm...

Poetic fiction story.
Written by
Seema  38/F/Fiji Islands
(38/F/Fiji Islands)   
         Nylee, Demonatachick, ---, Nadia DeLevea, --- and 17 others
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