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Jul 2017
Enjoy my friends,
or laugh, please do.
stare, humiliate and entertain,
live your life but not as i've lived mine.
Be proud for this pit you've put me in,
For you had the last laugh,
where as I can't remember.
Or recall, when I had mine.
Am I paranoid to think so?
or mislead to believe,
believe that all that you have done,
All was in the name of friendship.
So laugh at me,
and shout with all your might,
every curse you can think of.
Since this will be the last time that you do.
I'll push you away,
push away the lot of you.
And I can't take it any longer,
was this what you wanted?
Thank you nonetheless,
for now I sit laughing,
laughing at myself.
At least, I can laugh again.
     Krishna Paras, -A- and ---
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