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Jul 2017
She has no pride
No self love to begin with
How can you tell her she is self centered because she eats before the lunch breaks or how she makes tea for just herself and no one else
When she has no ego
She doesn't boast about victories or laugh at her own jokes
She doesn't tell everyone about her new hair cut or ask them to notice what's different today.
She does envy...
She hates that she couldn't get her grades above average or how she never had anything to be proud of.
She was jealous of the way her friends were content with life and happy when she would sit in her room and wonder why she cannot be them!
This is the girl you laugh at and the girl you underestimate just as much as she underestimates herself.
Written by
KC  18/F
       Attie, Brandon Cotter and PixieWee
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