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Jul 2017
Alexander, I can say things about you
they say nothing about you.
I can say you have green eyes
you have green eyes often cloaked in shadow and the dark dilation of your pupils.
I can say you have white fur  
you have white fur, gray at crown and chin, pale fur fuzz clinging to my fingers.
I can say you purr
you hum softly in your throat,
down your back to your tail.
I can say you like to be pet
you stiffen under my touch
and relax and roll like a wave
and paw my hand for more.
I can say you like to sleep
you sleep upright on the floor one eye open,
curled up in a ball on the bed, 
walloped on me and wedged in my side.
I can say you sleep now
you wait--your green eyes
hidden behind your lids
and  your purr slipping into snores.
Laura Slaathaug
Written by
Laura Slaathaug  North Dakota
(North Dakota)   
     Ryan Holden and ---
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