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Jul 2017
Answered prayer! God can change the hearts! And he is the Great Physician.

My dad is back in his rest home! They've released him from the hospital, a week before they said he would be out. He does NOT have to go to a nursing home where he would be housed like cordwood. We were very much afraid that he would be miserable. And he would have been. But he's back where he can garden. He has some plants growing in his room. He can do the things that he used to do! The doctors are astounded. They held out no hope of this happening. None of the administration seemed to want him to stay in his rest home. they said it would be too "dangerous" for him! I believe God worked on their hearts so they can see that his longevity is dependent on his activity. He's always been a very active, intellectual man. This will be a testimony to him of God's power. I think he was resigned to his fate. But he had so many people praying that he would be put back in to the home where he's staying now, and he knows it. He survived cancer due to the prayers of the Believers. Cancer free for 7 years! Now this! It's difficult to doubt anymore!

Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts! You made a tangible difference and my father's life was in the balance. And you blessed me immeasurably. May you be blessed with the blessings that you have bestowed upon us!

☆♡☆♡☆ HALLELUJAH! ☆♡☆♡☆
I'm on the phone telling all my friends... I won't be on site tonight. But, Lord willing, I'll be back reading tomorrow ♡


♡ Catherine
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