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Jul 2017
I hope I can bloom
I feel myself fading frequently
For real wonderin whether I got any purpose left
Leaning on a wall another wallflower

I bloom
Beaming and gleaming
Glowing and flowing
Failing and ******* up ten times a day
**** I don’t live in reality
Really does it even matter
My eyelids, don’t wanna wake up

Gonna look both ways this time

Going to school
Wondering if I should have listened to that intuition
Individuality feels faded and feels like I’m failing
Comfort is conformity or am I blooming?
Beating myself up?

I hope I can see you again soon
Seems like it feels like it was forever
**** maybe it was
Well I guess I’ll never know

As long as I bloom
Baby, I’m breathing
Maybe that’s all I got

And that’s alright for now.
Written by
AvengingPoet  A place
(A place)   
   its gonna make sense and rose
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