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Jul 2017
why are we here?
I'm not questioning my existence because of my fear
I'm just asking you
do you have a purpose in everything?
and tell me does it change something

let's all start with the scratch
where we all begin and made match by match
we are just made of bones
made of muscle and fat
we are just made of blood
and some would say mud

this is who we are
this is what where made of
this is only our limitations

And by the end of everything
we are all just gonna blown by the winds
drifting into the sands
washing by the waves
putting us into the deepest ocean underneath
underneath where we all came from
underneath where everyone is so afraid of

all their precious medals, degree, achievements, cars, jewelry, collections, money
will be nothing but a useless material we have when we're alive
and then everything will be banished side by side

why are we here on this planet?
and by the end of our life we are all gonna be ashes.
it's funny how people discover something new
make something better
and how foolish people admire that work
and some
forgot the blank page of the paper that should have an answer
why are we here on this world?

and this question only comes up when we think very deeply
when we're at work full of papers on our desk, tired
when we are broken, full of problems in our lives
when we are doing nothing in 3 am
and this question only pops up on our mind
but no answer can we seek.
maybe there is no answer.
maybe it was just a useless life to experience

its funny how we can ask
but we can't find the answer of our question

maybe the answer was..
sometimes when you kissed me after a very long war between us
we felt that we truly loved each other.
maybe that's it
maybe that's the answer that I am here to love you and be loved by you
or maybe I just taste a single drop of an answer of that kiss.
when you hug your siblings after leaving home by year or months.
maybe the answer is just poking me
when your mother thank you for buying her a monthly groceries
maybe I hear the answer in my question
why am I in here?

maybe we are here to feel good when we do good things
we all felt sometimes the single part of our biggest question

and if our lives are just circling around a big question
maybe the reason to answer this is to just live big and be

to see every sunrise to start our beautiful day
to give love infinitely to each and every one of us
to get failed and hurt every time
and try and forgive so many times
to dream without thinking the reality
to travel all over the world
even if you know that one day you'll gonna be an ash in this world
maybe we just gonna live big to recognize by someone who made us think this question

why are we here?
and some would say
no why
just here

Written by
VJ BRIONES  20/M/Manila
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