Jul 16

Questions the size of cathedrals from which confidence has been swept
by a stiff broom

questions that curl like cunning clouds over snow peaks and spill as rain upon
unready beliefs

doubts that dig ditches and then gun down certainties in long and innocent lines

that step with jackboots on the necks of every uttered prayer and twist the heels down

scatter when the fingers of a fond dawn emerge from a black glove
and reach to hold tight

scatter as an army broken in battle and stream away in fear of the vengeful pursuit

Pains that tore holes in every hope loosen like the saddle of a stallion that has
galloped in heat

and the blueness of the bruises on the cheekbone of faith yellows then fades while my eyes old and finally tearless open anew

Joel Hayward
Written by
Joel Hayward  Abu Dhabi, UAE
(Abu Dhabi, UAE)   
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